Chumbe Island Lodge

Chumbe Island Lodge offers an award-winning Robinson Crusoe setting

Live the life of barefoot holiday luxury in extraordinary eco bungalows laid out on an award-winning private Zanzibar island within a stunning nature reserve and marine sanctuary at the one and only Chumbe Island Lodge.  Your private retreat in one of 7 Robinson Crusoe bungalows is part of fully inclusive deals to exquisite Chumbe Island Lodge, on a 16-acre private Island within the magnificent Chumbe Island Coral Park. 

Take leisurely walks on the beaches and explore the island’s pristine environment and set off on a guided snorkelling adventure into impressive coral gardens harbouring more than 400 fish species. 

These zero carbon footprint chalets only use solar energy, compost toilets, rainwater harvesting and recycling. Tuck into fresh seafood, locally grown organic produce and meals created with a fusion of Zanzibari, African, Arabic and Indian influences. Contribute to the environmental education programme for local school children which is part of the Chumbe Island Lodge ecotourism ethic based on community empowerment and tourism employment. Chumbe Island Lodge won the ‘Best of Africa’ for Sustainable Destinations award and is the first-ever Global Ecosphere Retreat. 

Weddings are extra special on Chumbe Private Island with the exquisite backdrop of the pure marine conservation area, the swimming sandbank, the beach setting and dancing at sunset until sunrise with the entire island to you and your best friends. Professional staff do it all for you, catering included. Yes, Chumbe Island is out of this world. 

Boat transfers to the private island are part of the thrill of staying somewhere so wild and remote, untouched by human impacts. Beautiful two-story eco-huts with hot water and flush toilets, a place to charge your electronics and even Wi-Fi. Snorkelling is amazing — 90 minutes during the day and 45 minutes at night to find reef fish, octopus, lobsters, eels, rays, turtles, and lionfish, among others. At night, the fish are attracted to the light so keep still amd watch thousands of tiny neon blue fish surround you. On land, the large and numerous Coconut Crabs fascinate all ages and everyone loves the nature walk with the climb up the lighthouse. 

Make sure you book more than one night at the best-ever eco lodge in Zanzibar at Chumbe Private Island Lodge and then decide if you want to add on a tour to Zanzibar’s Stone Town and beyond.



Chumbe Island is a 16 acre private island that is set within Chumbe Island Coral Park, a Marine Protected Area about 13km off the coast of Zanzibar.  It is on this magnificent island that Chumbe Island Lodge nestles and it is run by Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd (CHICOP), a not-for-profit organization that ploughs the money it generates from tourists into sustaining its conservation efforts. 

Live the life of barefoot luxury in one of 7 bungalows that will have made Robinson Crusoe go green with envy. The bungalows are erected using locally sourced materials that include coconut frond thatch and mangrove poles. They are cleverly designed to ensure privacy and yet exude a sense of liberty as though you are in the open. 

All the bungalows overlook the sea and feature hammocks where you can lie and enjoy the vistas. There are en-suite facilities with hot showers and lounge areas that are decked in colourful fabrics and African art. All of the lodge’s buildings have been creatively designed to catch, filter and store their own rainwater. 

Chumbe Island Coral Park uses solar power for lighting and water heating. The lodge has a bar and restaurant which serves a fusion of Zanzibari, Indian and Arabic influences and caters for vegetarians as well. Welcome to a rare example of a pure coral island ecosystem preserved for infinity by people who care about the reefs and natural forests. 

Snorkelling and scuba diving take keen naturalists into the shoals of barracuda, dolphin pods and turtle groups and at low tide kids can explore rock pools and the intertidal eco-zone.  Sunbathe on the sandbar at low tide and make sure you learn more about the birds and vegetation so rare in Zanzibar. Voyage2Africa ensures your tour to Zanzibar is based on sustainable tourism principles so choose Chumbe Eco Lodge as your base for an island holiday adventure in paradise!


  • Guided tours through the coral rag forest
  • Snorkelling over pristine and diverse coral reefs
  • Guided walks to view the endangered coconut crabs 


  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Activities


  • 7 award-winning eco-bungalows
  • Laundry service
  • Central areas 
  • Excellent foods


  • Snorkelling over pristine & diverse coral reefs in a perfectly managed conservation area and marine reserve.
  • Eco-bungalows designed to have zero impact on the environment with compost toilets, solar lights and rainwater harvesting.
  • Conservation and education initiatives involving tourists, communities and managers.

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