Fanjove Private Island Lodge

The ultimate luxury at Fanjove Private Island Lodge

Floating alone in the Indian Ocean 140 km away from the Spice Islands of Zanzibar is a tiny island called Fanjove Private Island and hiding there in its magical tropical forests you will find the luxury Fanjove Private Island Lodge. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot from now on in an untouched natural beach and ocean environment preserved for visitors who want to contribute to ecotourism holidays.

Explore intricate rock pools and rocky cliffs at low tide on Fanjove Private Island and observe birds and crabs when the tide is high. Privacy, the sun, crystal blue waters, fish and birds – what more do you need? Learn that the whole island is rented from the nearby village of Sonsosongo whose people benefit from the Private Fanjove Lodge income for their social development. Natural and wild, do not expect rolling lawns and swimming pools for this is the stuff that fantasies are made of, your dream island holiday in Zanzibar.

Welcome to an untainted paradise of healthy coral reefs, and profuse marine wildlife including spinner dolphins, green turtles, humpback whales and game fish. Time is of no consequence at Fanjove so put away those devices and watches and live according to your innate needs, the sunrises and the sunsets. Discover remote uninhabited areas on sunset dhow cruises, on kayaks, or stand-up paddling and enjoy sandbank picnics at low tides.

Stay a while on Fanjove Private Island in one of 10 secretive environmentally friendly beach villas carefully placed along the sugary beaches to enhance the already awe-inspiring ocean views. Minimizing the lodge’s eco-footprint is the vision here so solar power makes energy, traditional natural materials create villas (sustainable wood, mukuti or palm leaves and thatch), and modest comfy décor ensures guests feel relaxed and empowered simply by choosing Fanjove Private Island Lodge near Zanzibar. 

No TVs here, no modern architecture and fittings, no vast infinity swimming pools – just rustic cabins on the shores featuring comfy accommodation for all who want to enjoy an island as it is. Each new villa has its own private pavilion with day beds for immersion in coastal sensory explosions. 



Discover the unique and very private Fanjove Island in the Songo Songo Archipelago, 140 km south of Dar Es Salaam, off the coast of Zanzibar and Tanzania. This private island lodge rivals some of the best private island lodges in the region in terms of affordability, scenic beauty and humble yet chic beach accommodation. Exclusivity in nature is what matters here at Fanjove Private Island Lodge and reducing all impacts on the environment makes ecotourism possible.  

Fanjove Private Island Lodge is ingeniously set on a wonderful pure tropical island, a rare uninhabited and unknown destination. The entire Zanzibar island is rented from the nearby village of Sonsosongo whose community gains a percentage of the lodge income for their social development.

The lodge is designed to blend in and is in keeping with its surroundings, using solar power, saving water and reducing all waste. Natural and wild, do not expect rolling lawns and swimming pools, nor Wi-Fi or TVs. The main lodge encompasses the dining area, lounge and bar overlooking pristine beaches waiting to be explored, and tasteful resting areas for easy conversations. 

Recently designed with plenty of thought, the 10 delightful villas (called Bandas) resemble the shape of a dhow and have been hand-crafted from wood and mukuti (palm leaves), thatch and other natural materials.  Bathrooms are built into concrete which fits in harmony with the rest of the building and the bandas are meant to be completely open in front with doors and curtains as protection from wind and sun. Forget private plunge pools and TVs, this is rustic barefoot chic at its best!

Solar panels on the top of the mukuti roofs power the lights in the bandas and hot water is heated by a 90-litre tank solar panel. Fresh water is not found on the island and guests are asked to be sensitive to water consumption as it is shipped in daily from the mainland. 

There are many activities and guests are free to explore the island as much as they want. Certain areas are considered of significant spiritual importance to local residents and can only be visited when accompanied by a staff member. 

The Fanjove coral reef extends for 11 km and is mostly unexplored making this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean the perfect marine metropolis for migrating humpback whales, sea turtles laying eggs and tropical fish feeding. Choose a special package deal holiday to Zanzibar and make sure you visit this private island for real time out in nature.


  • Bird watching
  • Sunset Dhow Trip
  • Snorkelling & scuba diving
  • Sand Bank excursions
  • Whale watching (seasonal)


  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Select drinks
  • Select activities


  • 10 Bandas or private chalets
  • Fans, patios, salas, ensuite showers, solar power
  • Bar
  • Restaurant, lounge
  • Laundry service


  • Beautiful white beaches and an abundance of wildlife matter most to all guests, not TVs or devices.
  • Sip a cocktail at the renovated 19th-century lighthouse, now a restaurant featuring fresh seafood and Swahili cooking. 
  • Eco-driven, the lodge is designed to reduce its impact on the environment, to be a model of ecotourism and sustainable tourism.
  • Only a 40-minute flight from Dar es Salaam and 140 km from Zanzibar, it is accessible but only for guests who want something different.

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