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The ultimate Skeleton Coast camp for your Namibia safari

We have found the ultimate camp in the Skeleton Coast National Park for your next Namibia safari and it takes its name from the many relics on the beach – Shipwreck Lodge mimics the many shipwrecks along this raw and wild west African coastline.

Book your unique experience at Shipwreck Lodge within the spectacular Skeleton Coast National Park where roam the desert-adapted Black Rhino, elephants, lions and other vulnerable wildlife in this incredible location. This is where the desert meets sandy beach, where huge wild waves crash daily onto the shores, where whale skeletons are found, seal colonies make their noisy existence and the wind never stops blowing.

Shipwreck Lodge looks just like a few shipwrecks nestling in the white sands and it is safely established in the famous Skeleton Coast concession between two rivers, the Hoarusib and the Hoanib. It is only 45 km from Mowe Bay and it boasts extraordinary views of the Atlantic Ocean. The cold Benguela Current ensures a cooling breeze but the shipwreck cabins are protected in the dune valley in Skeleton Coast National Park. 

The landscape is harsh and alien, but beautiful and soulful in other ways. It gets into the spirit and all you want to do is explore the coast and the desert. There is so much geological and ecological history to learn here and the fauna and flora are so unique. It is worth finding out more about the plants and animals here that have adapted to the ocean air, the winds, the lack of water. 

Guests can choose the best of both worlds – get out into the climate and the epic nature, and relax in the serene, protected area of the lodge, a luxury Namibia accommodation destination offering 8 double cabins and two family suites. Each of these cabins resembles a small shipwreck and the main lodge is the larger part of the shipwreck. 

If you have ever seen and explored a real shipwreck you will smile to be part of this elegant rendition of one! They come with double or twin beds, ensuite bathrooms with showers, woodburning stoves for the cold misty winds, tea and coffee, and battery charging points. Yes, this Shipwreck Lodge is eco-friendly – solar powered and doing its best to reduce its eco footprint on the earth. 

Their dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in their commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation, energy and water and waste management. In fact, Shipwreck Lodge has won the coveted Green Eco Flower Award 5 times for getting 90% of its eco commitments in line and its sustainable tourism ethos.  This local award was launched in 2017 to reward Namibian establishments who are environmentally conscious.

You choose to contribute to this amazing cause just by booking your chic cabin on the beach to experience this wilderness that needs to be preserved. The 10 chalets pay respect to all the shipwrecks that have landed here in the Skeleton Coast National Park and they face the dramatic landscape for a great effect. 

The lodge is an attractive wooden construct with wooden walls, doors and lots of glass to see the amazing vistas, while each cabin features attractive decks framed with unique pieces of driftwood found on these derelict sands. Settle into the cosy lounge, restaurant and dining area to interact with welcoming staff and fellow guests.

An all-inclusive package deal to this lodge will include fascinating activities such as shipwreck tours, quad biking adventures into the desert and beach environments, sandboarding on huge dunes, a sundowner drive on the dunes, a river excursion, and a stunning beach lunch. 

We love the fact that Shipwreck Lodge is part of the Puros Conservancy, established in May 2000, and the Sesfontein Conservancy, established in July 2003 – their combined area being more than 6,000 km2. Staff from these conservancies are mostly Ovahimba and Ovaherero people and the lodge has helped to purchase 4×4 vehicles for the environmental management of the conservancies. 



Discover an innovative green lodge on the famous Namibia Skeleton Coast called Shipwreck Lodge where 10 unique shipwreck designed cabins shelter lucky guests from the thrill of a wild landscape. 

Choose this lodge for the exciting weather, the extraordinary beauty, the desert adapted fauna and flora and all things removed from your real world. The wooden Namibian safari lodge lies hidden in the huge dunes between the two rivers, the Hoarusib and the Hoanib, in the Skeleton Coast Central Concession just 45 km north of Mowe. 

There is usually a cool breeze blowing here and the deluxe cabins are equipped with wood burning fire places and warm linens and colours. Enjoy views from the double beds across the windswept vistas where various birds and creatures wander. Hot showers, teas and coffees and battery charging units in each room ensure guest comfort at all times. 

Solar power, water and waste management and the commitment to authentic sustainable tourism makes Shipwreck Lodge a truly ethical choice of holiday destination for discerning travellers to Africa. 

Your fully inclusive package deal allows a stress free break in a fantastic accommodation destination on the Namibian west coast where plenty of ship skeletons, whale skeletons and seal colonies reside. You get all meals, all drinks and various activities from sandboarding the enormous dunes, sundowner drives over the dunes, excursions to see the shipwrecks the rivers, lunches on the beach, quad biking adventures and more. 

Look out for the drama, the unusual creatures that have adapted to this desert-beach environment – the black rhinos and the elephants, the lions and the gemsbok. It is an amazing concept, this Skeleton Coast lodge that has been built in conjunction with and on lease from the local concession so all parties have a signification stake in it, a win-win for all. The lodge is entirely made from wood and glass, the interiors very plush and organised for the comforts of paying guests who really love this setting. 

Amazing Holiday Packages including Shipwreck Lodge

From $779



  • Sundowner drives 
  • Beach lunches 
  • Excursion to Möwe Bay and the Seal Colony 
  • Excursion of the Hoarusib River 
  • Guided beach walks
  • Quad biking 
  • Sandboarding


  • Luxury accommodation
  • All meals
  • Daily scheduled activities
  • Varied drinks
  • Laundry service

View of the Shipwreck Lodge in the distance between the dunes of Namibia
that include this property


  • 10 Cabins – 8 double rooms, 2 family rooms
  • En-suite bathrooms with indoor showers
  • Viewing deck 
  • Battery charging facilities
  • Fireplace / wood burning stove in each cabin
  • Safe
  • Tea/coffee station
  • Complimentary laundry service

Wi-fi available in the main area but due to the remoteness is often intermittent


  • The lodge is committed to green ethics, having been awarded the 5-Flower top award from Eco Awards Namibia for its environmental heart
  • The setting is unpracticable thanks to the cold Benguela Current and the Atlantic Ocean that causes mists and fogs and cold winds so some activities may be postponed
  • Central to your safari destination is the restaurant where delicious foods are served, fresh coffees and delightful snacks 
  • Go on a shipwreck tour – the most well-known wrecks are the Eduard Bohlen, Dunedin Star, Cawdor Castle, Suiderkus, Sir Charles Elliot and Karimona.

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