Zanzibar Palace Hotel

Ideally located in the heart of Stone Town on the enchanting Zanzibar Island

A trip to enchanting Zanzibar is not complete without a tailor-made Voyage2Africa tour to the heart of Stone Town and a few days spent in the Zanzibar Palace Hotel, the best boutique hotel by far.  This delightful intimate hotel is conveniently positioned within walking distance of the coastline and the major Stone Town attractions.

Only 9 luxurious rooms at the cosy Zanzibar Palace Hotel offer a grand base from which to explore the culture and history of a magnetic destination on the edge of Tanzania. Each suite reflects the ancient Zanzibari, Arabic, Indian and English cultures in the antiques, hand-carved furniture ornate beds and silks while modern amenities add value to your stay. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and ensuite bathrooms. Soft shades of blue are restful and match the ocean views. 

The Palace arranges airport transfers and hands-on personal service and is close to all shops, the waterfront and the many restaurants. This quaint hotel is a heritage building so protected under the World Heritage Site legislation, retaining its old-world charm and solid architecture. 

Zanzibar Palace Hotel promises unique décor and is dedicated to five-star service and contemporary elegance to ensure guests have everything they need without losing that sense of Zanzibar culture and tradition. Meet fellow explorers in the plush ethnic lounge complete with its Persian rugs and handmade Zanzibar chairs where a spacious dining room serves up mouth-watering spicy fresh fish and other local delights. Pop into the warm spa before you leave for a massage and a pedicure!

Voyage2Africa guarantees the best service and smiles at this Stone Town boutique Hotel, a true Palace meant for royalty and a great resting place before you hit the rest of the island or set off on a lengthy and thrilling Tanzanian wildlife safari.

We love the Zanzibar Palace Hotel as an authentic Zanzibar holiday accommodation destination. From the top-class and historic décor to the professional service and inviting atmosphere, this is undoubtedly the best base from which to explore Stone Town.

Take a boat trip and spend a day at Prison Island, historically a former prison for slaves and a quarantine station for Zanzibar and the mainland. Chill out on the pearly beach, swim and snorkel and explore the coral reefs. There is also a sanctuary for giant tortoises.



The exquisite ancient Stone Town boutique hotel, the Palace, has been made for royalty and will impress every traveller who enters its historic interiors. The accommodation is intimate and the hotel is owner managed which guarantees a more personal touch that is unsurpassed by any of the other establishments around.

Zanzibar-styled accommodation in 9 gorgeous rooms is plush, traditional and packed with antiques, hand-carved furniture and quality fittings, silk cotton and more. Some suites offer a hot tub on a private sun deck. The flagship Palace Suite Sherali and Palace Suite Dunia on the top floor of the Palace are super ornate and luxurious, loved by honeymoon couples and those who need a private break.  Enter the ancient past as you step into your suite, decorated in a fusion of Zanzibari, European and Arabic influences, yet each interior also reflecting something of the modern world in the free Wi-Fi, TV and music player. 

Absorb the relics of yesteryear when you relax in the main areas of this boutique hotel in Stone Town, the aura of Zanzibari traditions in the heavy Persian rugs on tiled floors and polished wooded furniture. A comfy ornate lounge and dining area complement the cosy slick spa with 2 massage tables and a pedicure chair. Enjoy buffet breakfasts and a special a la carte menu in the evenings created from fresh ingredients. Browse the gift shop and stroll on down to the Old Fort and the Forodhani Gardens. 

Zanzibar Palace Hotel is a wonderful place to spend your holiday in the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar and Voyage2Africa offers top deals that add to your tour of Tanzania while you are at it.  From the culture of this main town to the wildlife of a top national park, you simply cannot go wrong on our city-bush tours in Africa.


  • Spice tours
  • Prison island tour
  • Stone Town market
  • Snorkelling, diving outings


  • Accommodation 
  • Breakfast


  • Lounge and dining areas
  • Spa with 2 massage tables and a pedicure chair
  • Gardens
  • 9 rooms with plush facilities


  • An exclusive boutique hotel located right in the heart of Stone Town – the best accommodation there.
  • A strong focus on high-quality service and modern comfort including Persian rugs, hand-carved furniture, and historic architecture.
  • Tours of the spice industry and fresh markets and strolls down the road to see the old Fort and Forodhani Gardens.  
  • Take a boat trip out to the beautiful Menai Bay conservation area if you love diving and snorkelling.

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