Botswana’s Chobe Region – Why travel to Chobe National Park?

Chobe National Park

If you want to see spectacular wildlife add Chobe National Park to your bucket list. This world-famous safari destination is famous for its elephants! Yes, it’s time to book your dream Botswana safari lodge package and go and see the elephants in action. You can’t go wrong with Voyage2Africa’s premier wildlife travel destination. We have all the camp, lodge and safari information on Chobe’s best safaris at our fingertips and we want to share it with you! Contact the Botswana specialists to tailor make your holiday into Africa, the playground of the elephants. 

It’s time to discover what makes Chobe National Park tick. We love its two fabulous attractions with their seasonal attractions: the blissful Chobe Riverfront and the impressive Savuti Linyanti Marsh. Chobe features the largest population of elephants in Africa (about 120 000), prominent prides of charismatic lions, and so much more. Discover Africa’s superb wildlife experiences when you book your vacation with Voyage2Africa.  See our amazing Chobe packages right here.

Did you know?

Chobe National Park is on a wide-ranging seasonal water system that starts up north on the borders of Zimbabwe, Caprivi and Zambia at the Savute-Linyanti floodplains, and continues down to the Okavango Swamps where it pans out into the famous Delta.


  • Elephants swim across the Chobe River using their trunks as snorkels when the river is flooding in summer
  • Chobe is one of the 4 top national parks in Botswana which has dedicated nearly 50% of its space to conservation of wildlife and landscapes
  • The Chobe riverfront is at its busiest just before the rains come in October/November because the animas are thirsty and skittish, and lean predators are vying for a bite
  • Chobe luxury lodges are popular with tourists from all around the world thanks to their huge sunny decks with wilderness views, 5-star service and amazing lavish amenities in rooms and living areas
  • Kasane is the cute town buzzing with people on their way somewhere: to Vic Falls, Livingstone, into the Delta and to the Savuti Swamps up north. Where would you be going?

Chobe National Park Safari Accommodation

Special deals for luxury lodge accommodation along the Chobe River in Botswana – or rustic camping in tents under lush groves of indigenous trees. It’s all happening when you plan a thrilling safari trip into Africa based on all-inclusive deals to save you money and time. Fly to Kasane to reach your special Chobe accommodation in luxury lodges, rustic campsites, eco resorts, guest sanctuaries and five-star hotels. Let us help you choose where to stay in Chobe region, and plan a combo holiday to Vic Falls, Caprivi and the Okavango Delta while you are there!

Family Safari Holidays to Chobe

Place of the elephants, place of flowing waters and place of sheer natural beauty, this is the Chobe you want your family to experience. Plan a fabulous family safari holiday to Botswana and stay in a luxury lodge on the banks of the Chobe River. Indulge in boat cruises, game drives in open vehicles and stargazing around huge bonfires with children who will be awe for ever more. We recommend the top safari destination in Africa, right here at Chobe National Park, so ask us for all the camp, lodge and safari information you need to customise your accommodation and package deals to suit your family needs. Why not browse our safari camps here?

Dramatic Wildife

Become the enraptured voyeur as you watch the dramatic unfolding of events in a game reserve where wildlife simply exists in all its natural wonder. The Chobe Riverfront in Botswana sets the stage for drama between elephants, crocs, leopards and lions as Fish Eagles soar overhead waiting to swoop on freshwater fish for dinner. Welcome to a popular and wild destination famous for its meandering water way, a source of life for elephant herds, lion prides and diverse species endemic to this exceptional wilderness. 

Feast yourself on fantastic game viewing and bird watching opportunities in Chobe, conveniently close to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Kasane is the central link between the two premium safari destinations, the pivotal meeting point of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s a good idea to start your trip into Africa at Kasane and head into the astonishing beauty of the Chobe National Park. 

I mean, where else can you see lions feeding on elephants than in the Savuti Marsh region up north? Head straight to the Linyanti Swamps on the Linyanti River, part of this incredible natural waterway and the lifeblood of the epic Chobe River. Come and discover Botswana with us, a premier African travel destination made for excellence in game viewing.

Chobe River for Boat Cruises

Romantic sundowner boat cruises are the diamond in Botswana’s Chobe tiara. It’s famous for its elephants, especially during the Botswana dry season, May through to October, when the huge mammals come down in herds to drink and play. Fish eagles fly across your vision to catch their evening fish meal and antelopes mingle with zebra in a phenomenal blend of textures, bush sounds and visual imagery. View this wide expanse of water, floodplains, forests and sand ridges from a boat or 4×4. 

Imagine sipping a cold beer on a houseboat at dusk? This dream can come true if you plan your prime safari holiday for the dry season when animals congregate here. Chobe River’s famous elephant herds are waiting to fill your lenses with wonder. 

Chobe Savuti for Floodplains

Picture the massive Chobe River spreading into wetlands up north, where the boundaries of Chobe Park meet the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, Vic Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia’s massive Zambezi River. This is the awe-inspiring floodplain region of the Linyanti-Savute marsh and channel, a major water source for Chobe and the Okavango Delta just south of this extensive protected area. 

It is hard to believe that for nearly 30 years, this incredible water source actually dried up – but it has since thankfully started flowing again. Wildlife and landscapes suffered in this drought. To this day, water pans dry up in the hot summers of May through to October but thank goodness for the creation of three artificial waterholes where animals congregate and go about life as usual. Lions come to prey on easy pickings, and you can see them clearly in the more barren landscape. 

Voyage to Africa with us – book your unbeaten safari to Chobe National Park in summer to get as much game viewing in as you can – jaw dropping sightings of kills, elephants interacting with all animals and herds of plains game vying for a space. 

The Best of the Best Safaris in Chobe

Plan a Botswana tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier wildlife destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the wondrous water ways of the Chobe riverfront and floodplains. We show you the best of the best safaris in the northern Linyanti-Savute regions and further south in the famous Okavango Delta.  We offer you the best of the best safari accommodation in and around Chobe National Park, in lavish lodges, family resorts, modern hotels, eco villas and rustic wild campsites in nature.

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