Botswana’s Chobe Region – Why travel to Chobe National Park?

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is famous for its wildlife and especially its elephants. All the camp, lodges & wildlife destinations to Chobe with the Botswana safari specialists.

Spectacular wildlife makes Chobe National Park a Botswana bucket list safari destination. Dream Botswana safari lodge packages to this wildlife haven on a vital river system are unforgettable.  Chobe National Park is famous for its elephants. Botswana’s Chobe region is best known for its two fabulous seasonal ecosystems: the blissful Chobe Riverfront and the impressive Savuti Linyanti Marsh. Meet the largest population of some 120,000 elephants in Africa roaming the lush riverine floodplains and experience Africa’s superb Big 5 when you book your vacation to Chobe with Voyage2Africa.  

Did you know?

Chobe National Park lies on a sweeping seasonal water system that starts up north on the borders of Zimbabwe, Caprivi and Zambia at the Savute – Linyanti floodplains, flowing south to fan out into the famous Okavango Delta.

It is a must see destination on part of your Botswana and Victoria Falls safari holiday especially because of its easy access from Victoria Falls.


  • Elephants swim across the Chobe River using their trunks as snorkels when the river is high.
  • Chobe is one of the 4 top national parks in Botswana – which has dedicated nearly 50% of its space to conservation.
  • The Chobe Riverfront is packed with thirsty animals and lean predators at the end of the dry season. 
  • Chobe luxury lodges offer extensive decks with wilderness views, 5-star service and lavish amenities.

Safaris to Chobe National Park

Most visitors to Chobe like to fly to Kasane to reach special luxury safari lodges, rustic campsites, eco-resorts, guest houses, and five-star hotels. Sometimes a multi-destination holiday works well, to Vic Falls, Caprivi, and the Okavango Delta for intensive safari action! So why travel to Chobe National Park? Besides the entrancing elephants, tourists can walk in the ancient footsteps of the pioneering Bushmen, imagine David Livingstone’s pilgrimage to Victoria Falls and the arrival of big ivory hunters carrying rifles. 

Today, wildlife conservation wins and tourists are blessed with inspiring sightings of big cats, and the rare African wild dogs hunting the Chobe area. Massive herds of buffalos meet zebras, impalas, blue wildebeest, kudus, and giraffes on the river banks. Voyage to Africa with us to experience thrilling adventures in Botswana’s elephant refuge and stay in the best safari accommodation in Chobe National Park.

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