Safaris to the Kalahari Desert Botswana

Kalahari Desert

Burnt orange desert landscapes, magnificent wildlife sightings, immense silences, and endless horizons make Kalahari safaris, tours, and holidays worth every penny. Imagine complete disconnection from real life and total immersion in an authentic Botswana wilderness. The Kalahari Desert is an essential part of your safari to Botswana. Lodges and safari camp information here to assist you plan your holiday to Africa.

The Kalahari comprises the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Khutse Game Reserve and Tswalu Kalahari. Deep in the heart of Botswana, it’s a wildlife destination famous for its superb extremes and awe-inspiring African splendor. 

Kalahari in Tswana comes from the word Kgala meaning “the great thirst”, or Kgalagadi meaning “a waterless place”. The Kalahari may be covered with dry red sandy dunes but the magnificent Okavango Delta is also part of this region, the only permanent river in the northwest surrounded by exquisite marshes rich in wildlife.

The 52,800 square km Kalahari is incredibly important to Botswana’s national heritage and has become a much-loved space for ecotourism initiatives, luxury lodges, and impressive safari camps under the stars. This semi-desert region covers around 80% of Botswana, extending into both Namibia and South Africa.

Did you know?

This sweeping region was founded in 1961 as a sanctuary for the indigenous San people to preserve their traditional hunter-gatherer way of life which hasn’t changed for the past 20,000 years.


  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park straddles the fence-free South African Kalahari Gemsbok and Botswana Gemsbok National Parks
  • Surreal sightings of large predators such as the black-maned lion, cheetah, leopard, African wild dog, and birds of prey.
  • Huge herds of zebra leave the Kalahari when the rains start in November, in the longest terrestrial wildlife migration in Africa, ending at Nxai Pan for food.
  • Rainstorms in Deception Valley in the north replenish the huge subterranean water reservoirs, one of which is called Dragons Breath Cave. 

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