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Moremi Game Reserve Okavango Delta

Moremi Game Reserve

Come and discover Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Book your dream safari to a splendid destination considered to be the most beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Africa. Voted Best Game Reserve in Africa in 2008, this wildlife gem is also the only officially protected area of the Delta. Come and see for yourself, the incredibly important scientific, environmental and conservation features. One of the Okavango Delta’s most remote and unspoilt regions, Moremi is also the oldest protected section of the Delta where mokoro adventures, game drives and intimate campsites beneath tall statuesque trees signify a safari like on other in all of Botswana.

Did you know?

Moremi covers about 40% of the Okavango Delta and the Okavango River runs from Angola to Moremi then the swamps where it just peters out in the Kalahari desert, never making it to the Indian Ocean. 


  • Moremi is called the Garden of Eden for a reason – lush riverine habitats, grasslands, floodplains, lagoons, tall trees full of presence and herds of antelope
  • It’s a good place to see predators such as cheetah, hyena, lion, leopard and wild dog – plus more than 560 bird species.
  • Dry season is May to November and a great time to experience exciting game drives, plenty of animals gathering around water ways and a pleasant kind of heat that is not debilitating; wet season is December to April and it is hot but the animal sightings are rich and mokoro rides the way to go.
  • It was very sad that most rhinos got anihaliated but now that is changing and both black and white rhines are slowl being reinrorudce into Moremi for safe keeping and ensuring the Big 5 status of the region.
  • Stay in the warm-hearted Khwai Guest house, located within the traditional village of Khwai, on the edge of the famed Moremi in Botswana. Find simple and affordable safari accommodation close to the reserve best accessible with self-drive holiday plans.

History in the making

Moremi Reserve was the first reserve in Africa to be established by local residents in 1963. Mrs Moremi, wife of deceased Chief Moremi lll, supported the Batawana initiative to protect the wildlife in their ancestral lands from uncontrolled hunting and cattle encroachment. In the1970s, Chief’s Island was added to the game reserve, having previously been the chief’s own hunting grounds. The reserve is named after these tribal members in gratitude for their foresight and today, Moremi is the only officially protected area of the Okavango Delta, therefore holding tremendous scientific, environmental and conservation importance.

Wildlife Wonderland

Experience an extraordinary biodiversity hotspot of land, wetlands and water where seasonal flooding brings everything to life. A wildlife destination that truly astounds those who visit – thanks to its rich tapestry of life, a sensory explosion of visual splendour, sounds, colours, animals and birds.  Appreciate an enormous reserve of nearly 5 000 square km containing a complex array of fauna and flora, the main portion being the Okavango Delta itself. 

Big 5 game viewers and bird lovers revel in the stark contrasts between wet and dry lands to see incredible animals and birds: the African wild dog, shy leopards, elephants, hippos, buffalos, blue wildebeests, impalas, red lechwe, giraffes and even crocs. Try something different and enjoy a Mokoro trip along the many channels seeking out these creatures great and small.

Khwai Concession

Bordering Moremi, the Khwai Concession is a large area dominated by Mopane forests on the north eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. Migrating herds of elephant favour the Mopane forests in this area and visitors revel in excellent wildlife sightings. The Khwai Concession spans 1 800 km and has been transformed from a hunting concession to an actively managed conservation area. Many visitors don’t realise that the Khwai area consists of Khwai Private Reserve and Khwai Community Concession.

Khwai Private Reserve embraces an astonishing 200,000 hectares of untamed wilderness. On the edge of the Delta, this exquisite reserve sits tight between Moremi, Chobe, and the Kwara concession to the west. The diverse landscape is one of mopane, acacia woodland, seasonal waterholes, open floodplains and waterways that wind their way across the landscape from the Khwai River. Note that the gorgeous Kwara Concession is another superb 1750 km² of magnificent scenery right in the centre of the Okavango Delta’s northern section! Book a personalised and surreal experience here in one of only two luxury personalised camps.

Sustainable Community Involvement

The 180,000-hectare Khwai Community Concession is owned and managed by the Khwai Development Trust on behalf of Khwai Village community. Find it snug between Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park where popular campsites are run by the community who also offer mokoro and boat excursions, walking and cultural tours. Come alone on your self-drive holiday or book your place on a mobile safari with pro-operators. 

Safari lodges, camps and operators lease land from which to operate their properties. Independent self-drive camping spots are also provided. The collective land is owned by local Khwai villagers and is managed by the Khwai Development Trust. This ensures a natural environment for the animals and vegetation to flourish. Tourists love this area thanks to its amazing leopard sightings, Wild dogs, elephants and a myriad other wild animals!

Family Holidays in Moremi Game Reserve

Take your family on a breath-taking holiday to this magnificent game reserve that forms part of the magical Okavango Delta. Children will be ready for the adventure on mokoros into water channels teeming with wildlife and birds. All you need is a pro guide or game ranger and a comfy base to call your home. It is difficult to choose a camp in Moremi as the choice is so broad, every safari camp offering something valuable for the ardent nature lover. From the community run Khwai Tented camp and the thatched rondavels at Khwai bush camp, to the luxury 5-star tented lodge of Sanctuary Chief’s Camp and the opulent amenities of Tuludi camp, families cannot go wrong with the superb safari accommodation in Moremi Game Reserve. 

Kids will love the sensory overload, the rustic campsites, the friendly game rangers, 4×4 rides and mokoro canoe outings. Treat your family to this once in a lifetime experience in Moremi Game Reserve – a time to be active and to be quiet, a time to chat and a time to listen. Nature beckons. 

The Best of the Best Safaris in Moremi Game Reserve

Plan a Moremi tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier wildlife destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the heart of the Okavango Delta’s conservation area, in Botswana’s wildlife oasis. We offer you the best of the best safari accommodation in and around Moremi and Okavango, including the Khwai Commmunity Concession and Private Reserve. Choose to stay in lavish lodges or rugged tented camps in the wilderness – all fitted with modern conveniences for global tourists.

Start the vacation in Maun, where all roads lead to Moremi and the Delta. Hire a 4×4 and pack it full of what you need. Drive to a camp where you will feel comfy and at home in the bush. Luxury lodges, tented hideouts and more.  Book with the travel experts and enjoy signature experiences on your top dream African holiday.

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