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Laikipia Kenya

For one of the best safari regions in Kenya – look to Laikipia Central Highlands. Safari packages in luxury camps & lodges.

Expect extraordinary sight-seeing and wildlife viewing in the astonishing Laikipia Central Highlands boost unrivalled Kenya safari packages. Avoid the crowds at the popular Masai Mara and Amboseli Game Reserves for a Big Five safari in this unusual 10 000 square km region. For one of the best safari regions in Kenya – look to Laikipia Central Highlands. Great range of enticing camps and lodges from the Kenya holiday experts.

From the earliest British and European settlers to the macabre Mau Mau rebellion, the region has a history of land conflicts. Today the hills below the peaks of Mount Kenya are peppered with cultivated fields near Aberdare National Park. Tourists can stop over in luxury lodges that were once old cattle ranches and walk with the Masai warriors to track animals the traditional way.

Did you know?

The Laikipia Plateau is home to many Masai and Samburu communities and about 10% of Kenya’s black rhino population is found here in Lewa.


  • On your way to Laikipia travel the Mount Kenya ring road circuit to see mountain forests, meadows and indigenous plots cultivated by the Kikuyu, Meru and Embu tribes. 
  • Mount Kenya is one of the largest free-standing volcanic shafts in the world, boasting an 80km wide base and two lofty peaks. 
  • Picnic at Thomson’s Falls and wander through its town after the rains and buy fresh coffee beans in Nyeri, a buzzing market town full of rural traders. 

The Maasai, Mukugodo, Kikuyu, Samburu, Meru, Turkana and Pokot tribes have successfully worked together to rebuild this beautiful area from a patchwork of ranches into a significant wildlife reserve. 

The Central Highlands is known for its breath-taking scenery, world-class accommodation deals, high volumes of wildlife and few visitors. Photograph Grevy’s zebras in Laikipia, the unusual, reticulated giraffe, Beisaoryx, Gerenuk and Somali ostrich. It’s a birders’ paradise with an estimated 1,100 bird species! 


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