Damaraland Region Packages & Accommodation

If you love ancient history and rock art, then you will love Damaraland. If you love wildlife and rocky open spaces, then you will love Damaraland. Find this unique region close to Etosha National Park and the spectacular Skeleton Coast. Experience flat-topped mountain plateaus and winding river courses, acacia forests and rolling savannah.


Best known for its rock art at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Twyfelfontein, Damaraland is a treasure trove of some 5 000 carvings and paintings created about 6 000 to 10 000 years ago by Stone Age people. Later the Khoi-Khoi hunter-gatherers who lived in the area depicted animals such as giraffes and lions, seals and flamingos.


Head over to Brandberg Nature Reserve to view numerous revealing San rock paintings.In this harsh, hot and dry landscape you can photograph exquisite rock formations and find evidence of ancient volcanoes. You simply must see the Organ Pipes, the Petrified Forest with its 250 million-year-old fossilised logs, Doros Crater and Burnt Mountain.


Visit Damaraland if only to seek the rare creatures so at home here – desert-adapted elephants, Black rhinos, mountain zebras and even lions. Explore an open landscape devoid of people – still, as it was when the original human inhabitants deserted the area many moons ago. Meet inspiring landowners who have today jumped on board the conservation waggon.


Private concessions offer attractive safari accommodation and game viewing opportunities. Knowledgeable guides from surrounding local communities add quality to drives and walks. Share your holiday with earthy people with a passion for their country, its landscape and its biodiversity.

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