Mana Pools National Park

There’s nowhere else on earth will you find a wildlife park blessed with the perfect combination of beauty, wildness and an abundant supply of large mammals, aquatic wildlife plus prolific birdlife. Visit Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park and experience this unspoilt wilderness for yourself. -Mana Pools National Park is one of the country’s 5 World Heritage Sites. -Explore this vast natural wonderland and discover the breathtaking landscape with its park-like appearance and lovely pools. -Feel your adrenaline rush on walking safaris and get the enviable opportunity to stand close to a buffalo or elephant or watch hippo and crocodiles from close range -Make yourself at home in a choice of exclusive lodges and rustic, unpretentious camps What’s in a Name? The word ‘Mana’ means four, in reference to the four pools around the park headquarters: Main, Chine, Long and Chisambik. They are sited on the mainland in an area of good quality and sedimentary soil, along the portion of the southern bank of the Zambezi River.

Their existence is as a result of the scouring action of the flooded river that created several drawn-out furrows which retained water long after the flood had receded. Prime Game Viewing Estate Traverse this game-rich wildlife sanctuary on customised safari vehicles and feast your eyes on the myriad of animal and bird species. Mana Pools forms part of a staggering 10,500 km2 Parks and Wildlife Estate within which animals roams freely. Tick off the Big 5 and keep an eye out for the tiny critters too! Plan your safari around September and October when the area has the highest concentration of wildlife in the country. A Park within a Park Mana Pools National Parks boasts a unique terrain with huge acacia albida trees that tower over what appears to be, from a distance, a carefully manicured lawn. This romantic setting makes for some excellent photography and affords uninterrupted views of predator-prey interactions.