South Luangwa National Park

Experience the magnificence of South Luangwa National Park, described as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The healthy Luangwa River cuts through the 9 059 square kilometre park, feeding life into diverse habitats. See spectacular wildlife gathering along the banks, around the oxbow lagoons and in the fantastic vegetation. THE LOVELY LUANGWA VALLEY Glory in the beauty of the Luangwa Valley, marking the end of the Great Rift Valley. One of the remaining unspoilt wilderness areas in Zambia, it is also known as ‘Valley of the Leopard’. Look out for these elusive cats which love sausage trees and the thick mopane forests. In fact, South Luangwa boasts the highest density of leopards globally! SEE SPECTACULAR WILDLIFE Experience various ways of seeing game –

  • WALKING SAFARIS: Which originated in this park – with a game ranger,
  • BIRDING SAFARIS: With a bird expert,
  • BOAT SAFARIS: With a keen fisherman and skipper,
  • DAY AND NIGHT GAME DRIVES: With experienced trackers,
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS: With pro photographers and
  • CULTURAL VILLAGE VISITS: To find out more about the local people.

UNUSUAL SIGHTINGS Besides the extinct rhino, the park is bursting with 60 different animals and some 400 bird species. Discover Thornicroft’s giraffe, endemic to South Luangwa – see their trademark white legs and white faces. Find Crawshay’s zebra without the brownish ‘shadow-stripe’ of the common (Burchell’s) zebra and the tiny puku, rarely seen outside Zambia. WHEN TO GO The peak travel season for South Luangwa safaris is May to October when things are still pleasantly cool and dry. The best time to spot game is September and October, very hot and humid. Go birding in the rainy or green season, January to April, though some lodges close. March to June is the best time to spot the elusive African wild dog. STILL, LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN HOLIDAY? Stay in glorious accommodation on the banks of the Luangwa River – watch hippos, crocs, elephants swimming, giraffe, waterbuck and monkeys from your private patio. Speak to our seasoned travel experts for help on crafting the holiday of your dreams:

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