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Zomba Off the Grid Forest Retreat

What a unique experience awaits the aspirant visitor to the beautiful Zomba Forest Lodge in the awesome Zomba Mountains of Malawi – a unique, homely and colourful accommodation venue offering exceptional personalised Malawian hospitality that ensures the perfect holiday. Zomba Forest Lodge is cosy, intimate and bright, and you will make friends for life there with owners and guests who are a little different and very genuine. Relaxation and forest explorations are key to this captivating destination high up in the trees of a mixed woodland. 

Appreciate the four rooms with their private ensuite bathrooms and earthy colourful African décor, in true Malawi fashion. Two double rooms, a twin room and one double or twin room – all with desks and chairs, plenty of space and divine views. 

Find this forest house in a lush 20 ha of mixed forests from indigenous rainforests to pine trees and huge old eucalyptus trees hanging into the garden – every tree has its place here and guests can weave their way along nearly 4km of nature trails where a rich variety of birds have made their homes, some rare like the White-winged apalis, Bertram’s weaver and the double-collared forest sunbird all attracted to the garden flowers.

Zomba Forest Lodge is an eco-lodge with a green heart – completely off the grid with no electricity so attracting those who need a break from technology and want to tune into nature’s real world with many hikes, birding and lazing around in hammocks with huge forest and mountain views to fill your lens. 

Tom and Peta will sort you out and cook for you in their five-star lodge where resting is key and gorgeous scenery is a sensory explosion. You are 1400 m high here in clean fresh mountain air and you go with the owners to see their reforestation dedication and environmental work. As the sun sets, solar lanterns come out and you eat by candlelight in the pure silence of the natural world and the nocturnal animals coming alive. 

Sustainable living shines through with the locally sourced fresh foods from the local markets homecooked to perfection with high nutritious content. Wander the cleared pathways to the waterfalls and watch the monkeys eating the fruits of the forests.

For once, a place where running around on safari is not important but just being in a forest, in a homestead designed for luxury comfort is what counts. Walking all day, feeding your eco brain and learning more about sustainable living, that is what Zomba Forest Lodge is all about. 



A bright, house, converted from a homestead once lived in by this owner couple and now a four roomed lodge for aspirant forest lovers who want to chill, hike, learn about reforestation and plants, trees and their needs and how to decrease your eco footprints in the earth. We can all use less natural resources such as water, and soil and we can all reduce our impacts on the air and the water, soil and living things if we just take time to sit and think about it.

Home to Samango and vervet monkeys, Zomba Forest is a lush 20 ha expanse of tall old trees, shrubs and bulbs, butterflies and birds, and other forest creatures. It is a lifestyle chosen by owners Peta and Tom who want to share it with you as you pass through here. This lodge is their home and their business, like backpackers in a forest on a mountain in Malawi.

Food is their great love so enjoy homecooked meals created from real fresh ingredients sources at the markets. No electricity as Zomba is completely off the grid so enjoy gas cooking, candles and hurricane lamps, no technology whatsoever. Everything is done in tune with the earth and to decrease human impacts on the earth so teaching all who come here how to be more eco-conscious. 

Stay in only four ensuite bedrooms with colourful décor, comfy wooden amenities and all you need to stay warm and snug in a plush yet really modest home. So choose two double rooms or a twin room and bring a group or a large family to book the entire lodge while you explore the region on foot. Two lovely dogs will join you wherever you go and leave all hopes of having a phone or computer charged or working here. 

Zomba Forest Lodge is totally unlike any lodge in Malawi that Voyage2Africa promotes so check out our special deals to this region and combine it with a visit to Lake Malawi or the Nyika Plateau. 

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  • Nature walks
  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching


  • Accommodation
  • All meals

Exterior view of the accommodation at Zomba Forest Lodge in Malawi
that include this property


  • 4 ensuite bedrooms
  • Lounge, dining room, kitchen
  • Large garden and nearby walks in forest
  • Solar power 
  • Fireplace


  • Off the grid eco lodge made for relaxing with no technology in nature
  • Meet authentic earth lovers with a passion for forests
  • Hiking, waterfalls, birds, monkeys and plenty of trees – soothe the soul and the body
  • Beautiful, homely accommodation and lodge living in a sustainable manner with wholesome cooking and colourful décor everywhere.

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