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Ethical Travel in Africa

Join the increasing numbers of travellers now seeking sustainable and responsible travel options in Africa with our trending eco safaris, the popular and right way to travel in 2023.  Ethical travel with Voyage2Africa takes you to our best eco safari destinations in Africa, home to some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife and ecosystems that can only survive with sincere sustainable ecotourism and conservation principles. 

Voyage2Africa offers several national parks and regions that stand out as top eco safari destinations for 2023. We recommend walking safaris in the heart of the Hwange National Park wilderness in Zimbabwe, trekking into pristine rainforests in Rwanda to spend precious moments with rare and enormous Mountain Gorillas, canoeing down the Lower Zambezi National Park valley and finding leopards on the hunt, and feeding the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe from your bedroom window at the trendy Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

Safari game drive in Kenya

Walking Safaris in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe:

Hwange National Park is one of the largest parks in Zimbabwe and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, lions, giraffes, and zebras. The park is committed to responsible tourism and conservation efforts, and visitors can participate in eco-friendly activities such as guided walking safaris and game drives. Hwange also has several eco-lodges that offer sustainable and responsible accommodation options.

We love Davison’s Camp’s commitment to sustainability with its choice to operate on solar power and use environmentally friendly products and practices wherever possible. This includes a chemical-free water filtration system, a composting toilet system, and a recycling program. Visitors to Davison’s Camp are drawn to the variety of activities including game drives, walking safaris, and birdwatching. Jump on board the private safari vehicle twice a day to explore the park with your team of experienced guides who understand Zimbabwean biodiversity intimately. Their passion and extensive knowledge of the park and its wildlife influences all guests to return, to get involved in biodiversity conservation and learn how to reduce personal carbon footprints. 

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Rainforests:

Rwanda’s Gorilla Trekking is an eco-safari experience like no other. Visitors can hike through the lush rainforest to observe and interact with gorillas in their natural habitat. Rwanda has implemented strict conservation measures to protect the gorillas and their environment, and visitors can support these efforts by choosing responsible and sustainable tour operators.

We love Virunga Lodge carefully constructed on a cliff with panoramic and dramatic views of the famous Virungu Volcanos and the Musanze Valley, Lake Bulero and Ruhondo too. The hotel is pure Rwandese and when you arrive, you find first class accommodation for the weary traveller in Africa who wants to come and trek in these mountains and find the hugest primates in the world, the endangered mountain gorilla. Be a part of this stirring, yet sublime experience and spend one precious hour in the company of a mountain gorilla family. The biggest draw card for tourists, but only accessible to a privileged few, is that only 80 permits each day are available to those with a clean bill of health. 

Canoeing Safaris in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia:

Lower Zambezi National Park is located along the banks of the Zambezi River and is home to a wide range of wildlife, including elephants, hippos, and crocodiles. The park offers a variety of eco-friendly activities such as guided canoe trips, bush walks, and game drives. There are also several eco-lodges in the park that prioritize sustainable tourism practices.

We love Old Mondoro where you can feel the soul of the African bush from a tranquil and remote setting. You don’t have to venture far to see game. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet melodies of nature all around you from your chalet, created to blend into the lush environment. The small sister camp of Chiawa, Old Mondoro is about getting back to nature, off the beaten track, because you want to. Five wooden tented chalets raised on stilts focus on the river views and the wildlife everywhere. Huge old winter thorn trees shade this traditional camp, ‘Mondoro’ meaning lion in the local Goba language.  The people honour a mythical white lion that used to live nearby and whose descendants now prowl and hunt in this Lower Zambezi National Part region. Old Mondoro is wild and free, just like this old lion, and there are no fences or restrictions on the wildlife movement. 

guests on a canoe safari down the river in Zambia while viewing a herd of elephants

Feeding Giraffes at Nairobi Giraffe Manor, Kenya:

Nairobi Giraffe Manor is a unique eco-safari experience that allows visitors to interact with endangered Rothschild giraffes in a conservation sanctuary. The sanctuary is committed to the conservation and protection of the giraffes and their natural habitat. Visitors can enjoy eco-friendly accommodations and participate in guided walks and activities that support conservation efforts.

We love the Giraffe Manor for an experience unsurpassed by any other hotel in Nairobi Kenya. US conservationist Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband, Jock, bought the property in 1974 and have made it into a Nairobi boutique hotel – where you can feed and photograph the giraffe over your breakfast table, at the front door, and even from your bedroom window!  Feel as if you are in the movie, Out of Africa, when you stay here in a luxury suite and hear how Betty and Jock started the Endangered Wildlife Africa Fund, bringing two endangered Rothschild Giraffes to their home and naming them Daisy and Marlon! Make yourself at home in one of 10 beautifully appointed rooms, complete with a bag of giraffe pellets to feed these friendly animals peeping through your window. 

Join Voyage2Africa on a quest to Africa, home to some of the world’s most incredible eco-safari destinations in 2023. We promise eco-friendly activities and accommodations that prioritize responsible and sustainable tourism practices. By choosing ethical travel to Africa, you too can support conservation and community efforts while experiencing some of the most incredible wildlife and ecosystems on the planet.

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